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Flexsee Gravity Mini Reading Glasses with Blue Block Lenses Do you love reading but have recently noticed that your eyes get tired super-fast and your sight is quite blurry? We have a practical and easy answer: “Flexsee Gravity” reading glasses are a universal solution for anyone struggling to work on the smartphone or read. Our mini reading glasses with blue-block lenses, helping you protect your eyes against the harming screen light. By wearing the Flexsee Gravity glasses with Blue-Block lenses, you can reduce the impact technology has on your sight. With our flexible nose reading glasses, you no longer have to worry about not being able to see the tiny letters. Flexsee Gravity is unbreakable. The plastic frames do not need special adjustments. Our pocket sight glasses come with 5 different reading power. The lenses are interchangeable, as well as extremely thin with only 42 mm width. They are non-polarized and will help you see better even the tiniest details. Because we want you to be able to enjoy your favorite book anywhere, we have made sure that the thin optical glasses are easy to carry and super practical, such that you can take them with you anywhere. Our readers are also unbreakable, making traveling easier and riskfree.